Yukisada Isao
Japan 2010
118 min

Four youths live in an apartment in Tokyo. Naoki works for a film company and talks in his sleep. Kotomi is an actress longing for her celebrity boyfriend. Mirai is a female illustrator who drinks heavily. Ryosuke is a lazy college student. Kotomi wakes up in the early afternoon as usual and finds a blond and gorgeous-looking boy standing in the living room. The two start talking to each other without much surprise. Satoru is a male prostitute. He joins the group, and coincidentally serial assaults on women start to occur in the town.
Yukisada Isao’s intriguing drama is full of deceptions. Neither the characters nor the movie itself are quite what they first seem. Underneath the pop energy and gentle comedy lie darker undercurrents and unexpected twists. Parade asks us to ponder just how well we know the strangers we call friends, and what we are willing to tolerate in the name of getting along. (David Ansen)

  • Fujiwara Tatsuya - Naoki
  • Karina - Mirai
  • Kanjiya Shihori - Kotomi
  • Hayashi Kento - Satoru
  • Koide Keisuke - Ryosuke
  • Yukisada Isao
  • Fukumoto Jun
  • Ito Hironori
  • Imai Tsuyoshi
  • Asamoto Hirofumi
  • Yamaguchi Osamu
  • Hamai Takako
Wowow HoriPro


35 mm
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