Jy-ah Min
USA 2010
78 min

]]>PROPOSITIONS]]> Selected examples of a New Cinema

“San Diego, California, 2004. Two roommates in war time. Right in the middle of George Bush’s re-election. Youtube doesn’t exist yet, but people are starting to place ads for themselves on Facebook. The iPhone will soon be on the scene and more and more people will be coming round to the reality of ‘I iPod, therefore I am’. Whatever happened to the grandchildren of ‘the Marx and Coca-Cola generation’? This isn’t a remake of Masculin/ Feminin, but a remix.”
This summary describes the film in a nutshell: insolent, indolent, cutting-edge. If it lays claim to Godard, we shall check that out, it lends itself heavily to his 70’s period, agitated by the texts of pamphleteers, of unstable, impure images – countless outbursts rather than a cinephile’s remake of a classic. In reality, it is this disparity, and an uncanny resemblance that M/F Remix deals with. Of a heritage that is unusable, but of which one has first to check the out of date instruction manual. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

In the presence of Jy-ah Min.

  • Mimi Goh
  • Philip Westerland
  • Jy-ah Min
  • Jy-ah Min
  • Jy-ah Min
  • Jy-ah Min
Jean-Pierre Gorin Productions

Jean-Pierre Gorin Productions

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