Kanyama Keihiro
Japan 2010
70 min

Makoto, a Japanese teacher, and Shinji, once an aspiring actor, have been living together for two years. When Shinji’s friend gets married, he also begins to think about marriage. Makoto believes that marriage changes nothing, and thinks Shinji is naïve for thinking it does. She’s too busy with her work and not interested in settling down. But one day, Makoto begins to realize she might be pregnant.
Seesaw captures the ambiance of a young modern day couple – chic and ennui and all – with free floating handheld camera work and improvisation. On a seesaw, two people can enjoy a balancing act and feel the presence of the other without speaking a single word. Makoto is blessed with good friends, a rewarding job, and a peaceful life, but what happens when she loses that balance?

In the presence of Kanyama Keihiro.

  • Murakami Maki - Makoto
  • Kanyama Keihiro - Shinji
  • Oka Keigo - Takumi
  • SoRa - Keiko
  • Kanyama Keihiro
  • Kai Kankyaku
  • Nishida Mizuki
  • Nakayama Hidekatsu
  • Nishida Mizuki
  • Mutsuura Yasuhiro
  • Hidekatsu
  • Track Magic
  • Suzuki Ayumi
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Kanyama Keihiro

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