Sad Trumpet Ballad, A
Alex de la Iglesia
ESP, FRA 2010
107 min

1937. The circus monkeys scream wildly inside their cage while, outside, men kill and die in another circus: the Spanish Civil War. The Stupid Clown, recruited against his will by the Militia, ends up carrying out a bloodbath with a machete against the National soldiers while still wearing his costume. And so commences this eventful adventure in which Javier and Sergio, two terrifyingly disfigured clowns, fight to the death for the ambiguous love of an acrobat during Franco’s reign.
Bold and personal, original and adventurous, Balada triste de trompeta takes us on an unpredictable trek that culminates in a showdown at the Valley of the Fallen, the monument that Franco had built to honor the soldiers who had died during the Civil War. Just as the two factions in Spain destroyed the very thing that they claimed to honor, these two clowns manage to turn love into an annihilating force. (Diana Sanchez)

  • Carlos Areces - Javier
  • Antonia de la Torre - Sergio
  • Carolina Bang - Natalia
  • Álex de la Iglesia
  • Kiko de la Rica
  • Charly Schumukler
  • Alejandro Lázaro
  • Roque Banos
  • Eduardo Hidalgo
  • Paco Delgado
Castafiore Films, La Fabrique 2, Mikado Film

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