Todd Solondz
USA 2009
98 min

In revisiting his darkly comic 1998 ensembler Happiness, Todd Solondz may have made his best film with Life During Wartime by telling the new stories of the three Jordan sisters Joy, Trish and Helen. Solondz, known as a distinctive, boundary-pushing writer-director, has had the eccentric inspiration to resurrect the same central characters a decade later, but using entirely different actors. Cinematographer Ed Lachman enables Solondz to raise his visual game to a new level; and so the richly colored compositions are as bold as the dialogue. (Todd McCarthy)

  • Shirley Henderson - Joy
  • Ciarán Hinds - Bill
  • Allison Janney - Trish
  • Ally Sheedy - Helen
  • Michael Lerner - Harvey
  • Chris Marquette - Billy
  • Rich Pecci - Mark
  • Charlotte Rampling - Jacqueline
  • Paul Reubens - Andy
  • Renée Taylor - Mona Jordan
  • Michael Kenneth Williams - Allen
  • Todd Solondz
  • Ed Lachman
  • Heriberto Rosas
  • Kevin Messman
  • Doug Bernheim
  • Roshelle Berliner
  • Catherine George
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35 mm
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