Jean-Pierre Mocky
FRA 1987
90 min

Jean-Pierre Mocky’s Agent Trouble suggests that «the authorities» in collusion with a water company simply murder a busload of tourists to hush up the accidental contamination of the drinking water in the Alsace region. This proposition is worked out in the form of a thriller with a passer-by who discovers a bus full of corpses and, intrigued by the television news bulletin which gives a false account of the event, sets out to try and make money out of his discovery. His is shot by a mysterious agent of the state but his aunt (Catherine Deneuve wearing a red wig and glasses) continues the investigation with the help of her ex-lover. She survives only because the killer has a heart attack while pursuing her through the snow-covered mountains.
Jean-Pierre Mocky, a cinephile who likes to evoke the classic Hollywood masters in his movies, achieved a moody looking thriller with quirky, stylised performances, sometimes recalling Jacques Tourneur’s Nightfall. He also plays the role of a sinister state official. (Paul Willemen, The BFI Companion to Crime)

  • Catherine Deneuve - Amanda Weber
  • Richard Bohringer - Alex
  • Tom Novembre - Victorien
  • Dominique Lavanant - Karen
  • Pierre Arditi - Stanislas
  • Kristin Scott Thomas - Julie
  • Jean-Pierre Mocky nach dem Roman «The Man Who Loved Zoos» von Malcolm Bosse
  • William Lubtchansky
  • Jean-Bernard Thomasson
  • Jean-Pierre Mocky
  • Gabriel Yared
  • Michèle Abbe
  • Caroline De Vivaise
A.F.C., Koala Film, FR 3 Films, Canal Plus

Tamasa Filmdistribution

35 mm
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