Civil War
Pedro Caldas
P 2010
92 min

]]>PROPOSITIONS]]> Selected examples of a New Cinema

It is the summer of 1982, a small village at a southern Portuguese beach. Rui and his parents are living inside their own isolated worlds, unaware of the failure which defines them as a family and condemns them to a lonely survival uneasiness. While waiting for her husband, Rui’s mother Helena has an affair with her young lover Zé. She is not able to communicate with her son, who creates his own world by listening to Joy Division and admiring Ian Curtis although in a few weeks he will have to pass his final term exam. Only the girl next door Joana seems to get Rui out of his autism, who is fascinated by the girl’s vigour. But the summer is coming to an end.

In the presence of Pedro Caldas.

  • Francisco Belard - Rui
  • Maria Leite - Helena
  • Catarina Wall - Joana
  • Nuño Romano - Zé
  • João Gusmão
  • Pedro Caldas
  • Leonardo Simões
  • Raquel Jacinto
  • Nelly Quettier
  • MiguelInácio
  • Nádia Henriques


35 mm
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