Pablo Trapero
Argentinien, FRA, Chile 2010
107 min

In Argentina, more than 8,000 people die in road accidents every year. Behind every tragedy there is an industry, supported by the compensations of insurance companies and the weakness of the law. Sosa is a lawyer who moves through emergency rooms of public hospitals and police stations in search of potential customers. Luján is a young doctor from the province. Their love story begins the night Luján and Sosa meet on the street. She’s trying to save a man’s life; he’s trying to do business with him.

  • Ricardo Darin - Sosa
  • Martina Gusmann - Luján
  • Carlos Weber
  • Jose Luis Arias
  • Fabio Ronzano
  • Loren Acuna
  • Gabrial Almiron
  • Pablo Trapero
  • Alejandro Fadel
  • Santiago Mitre
  • Martín Mauregui
  • Julián Apezteguia
  • Federico Esquerro
  • Ezequiel Borovinsky
  • Pablo Trapero
  • Lim Giong
  • Mercedes Alfonsín
  • Marisa Urruti
Matanza Cine Ad Vitam Production, El90 Productiones


35 mm
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