Mike Ott
USA 2010
83 min

A road-tripping Japanese brother and sister, Rintaro and Atsuko, are visiting the United States for the first time. They are headed for San Francisco when their rental car breaks down in the Californian desert town of Littlerock. Atsuko is seduced by this place that is so unlike her home and wants to stick around, while Rintaro detects its darker side. Soured by what he sees, he continues on as his sister stubbornly remains – embracing California as the storied refuge from troubles.
Mike Ott proves astutely familiar with well-observed setting, convincingly evoking the languid rhythms of purposeless young people. The dazzling sunsets and soaring mountains provide counterpoints to the claustrophobia of a small-town rife with petty sniping, racial tension and homophobia. Gently funny and sweetly melancholic, Littlerock is a warm depiction of the confusing and sometimes painful process of finding your identity and lurching towards adulthood. (Jesse Dubus)

In the presence of Mike Ott.

  • Cory Zacharia - Cory Lawler
  • Okatsuka Atsuko - Atsuko
  • Sawamoto Rintaro - Rintaro
  • Roberto Sanchez - Francisco
  • Brett L. Tinnes - Jordan Doniel
  • Mike Ott
  • Carl McLaughlin
  • Frederick Thornton
  • David Nordstrom
  • The Cave Singers
Small Form Films

Laura Ragsdale

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