Retrospective 2017

Neotpravlennoe pis'mo

Ein Brief, der nie ankam
Michail Kalatozov
Udssr 1959
96 min

They do not want the treasures for themselves, the four geologists who travel into the depths of the tundra to look for diamonds. No, they talk about how many space flights could be financed with it, and that they would not have "lived in vain". This unselfish mental attitude adds to the conflict within her small expedition group - a melancholic love story, in which Sergei falls in love with Tanja, who is going to marry Andrey - something profoundly existential, which director Kalatozov underlines with abrupt rhythm changes. Nature has the last word.

  • Innokentij Smoktunovskij
  • Tat’jana Samojlova
  • Vasilij Livanov
  • Evgenij Urbanskij
35 mm
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