Valérie Massadian
FRA 2011
68 min

Intimate and sensitive – and completely devoid of sentimentality – Valérie Massadan’s debut feature Nana is about the basic questions of life and death as experienced directly in the middle of the process of awakening. Four-and-a-half year old Nana lives in the French countryside, apart from all other children, on a daily basis only interacting with her mother, her reserved grandfather and the natural world itself, its beauty and its violence. Massadian’s extremely confident camera is often placed low, on the eye level of the child, a device that might stem from the filmmaker’s attempting to gain confidence from her lead, but one that also places the audience as if we, too, were children, sense-remembering the experience of discovery. (Mark Peranson)

  • Kelyna Lecomte - Nana
  • Alain Sabras
  • Marie Delmas
  • Valérie Massadian
  • Valérie Massadian
  • Léo Hinstin
  • Olivier Dandré
  • Dominique Auvray
  • Valérie Massadian


35 mm
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