Mia madre

My Mother
Nanni Moretti
I 2014
103 min

Margherita is a director shooting a film with the famous American actor, Barry Huggins, who is quite a headache on set. Away from the shoot, Margherita tries to hold her life together, despite her mother's illness and her daughter’s adolescence.
“Though the three-handed screenplay casts a woman in the main role of the short-tempered, self-absorbed, anxiety-ridden filmmaker, this is flimsy masking for a story close to home. Moretti lost his own mother while shooting HABEMUS PAPAM, and that’s the obvious autobiographical angle. But on another level, it’s a clever reflection on the artist’s inability to separate her private life from her work. Try as she may to play the hard-nosed pro on set, Margherita Buy is swept up in the emotional turmoil of moving out of her boyfriend’s apartment and dealing with a teenage daughter and a hospitalized mom. All this inevitably boils over into the political film she’s making about factory workers at odds with management.” (Deborah Yooung)

  • Nanni Moretti - Giovanni
  • Margherita Buy - Margherita
  • John Turturro - Barry Huggins
  • Giulia Lazzarini - Ada
  • Nanni Moretti
  • Francesco Piccolo
  • Valia Santella
  • Arnaldo Catinari
  • Alessandro Zanon
  • Clelio Benevento
  • Paola Bizzarri
  • Valentina Taviani
Sacher Film, Fandango, Le Pacte

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