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Dimitri Kirsanoff
FRA 1926
37 min

Ménilmontant, Kirsanoffs second film, is also his best known. Its story is told entirely in images, without the use of explanatory intertitles. The film makes use of techniques such as montage, hand-held camera, ultra-rapid montage, and superposition to achieve the elusive, transcendent quality of «photogénie» so sought after by the French impressionist film directors of the era.

  • Nadia Sibirskaïa - jüngere Schwester
  • Yolande Beaulieu - Ältere Schwester
  • Guy Belmont - Junger Mann
  • Dimitri Kirsanoff
  • Dimitri Kirsanoff
Dimitri Kirsanoff
35 mm
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