For Manny Farber (1917-2008)



This special program consist of the following films:

<filmlink id=\"2897\">Monsieur Qui a mangé du Taureau</filmlink>
anonym, 1909, 6 minutes, 35mm

<filmlink id=\"2890\">The Cook</filmlink>
Roscoe Arbuckle, USA 1918, 19 minutes, 35mm

<filmlink id=\"2899\">Should Men Walk Home?</filmlink>
Leo McCary, USA 1927, 20 minutes, 35mm

<filmlink id=\"2894\">There it is</filmlink>
Charlie Bowers, USA 1928, 20 minutes, 35mm

<filmlink id=\"2898\">Pass the Gravy</filmlink>
Fred Guiol, USA 1928, 22 minutes, 16mm

Silent Short Film Program composed by Paolo Cherchi Usai
Piano accompaniment: Gerhard Gruber
Introduction: Jean-Pierre Gorin