A Land Imagined

Yeo Siew Hua
Singapur, FRA, NL 2018
95 min

Set on the surreal industrial byways of Singapore, Yeo Siew Hua’s A LAND IMAGINED is at once a neon-lit film noir, an intimate story of friendship between men, and a trenchant critique of land reclamation and migrant labor on the peripheries of the city-state’s economic miracle. Lok, a world-weary detective attempts to track down Wang, a missing Chinese worker, who has vanished after a worksite accident. While slowly peeling back the layers of corruption and exploitation, Lok also wanders into a labyrinthine cybercafé where he finds an alternate dimension, a place where past and present fold back on each other, and space itself becomes virtual. There, as the detective uncovers Wang’s relationships with Bangladeshi co-worker Ajit and cybercafé girl Mindy, the stories of the detective and his quarry seem to merge into one another against the backdrop of deliriously fluid cityscape. Through a deft balance of genre and political commentary, Yeo’s film effortlessly reveals the human cost of exile and migration, even as it unfolds a twisting and seductive tale steeped in mystery. (Leo Goldsmith)

In the presence of Yeo Siew Hua.

  • Peter Yu - Detective Lok
  • Liu Xiaoyi - Wang
  • Ishtiaque Zico - Ajit
  • Luna Kwok - Mindy
  • Yeo Siew Hua
  • Urata Hideho
  • Damien Guillaume
  • Gilles Benardeau
  • Hui Daniel
  • Teo Wei Yong
Akanga Film Asia, mm2 Entertainment, Films de Force Majeure, Volya Films

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