Cómprame un revólver

Buy Me a Gun
Julio Hernández Cordón
Mexico, Kolumbien 2018

At the beginning of CÓMPRAME UN REVÓLVER, the seventh film by Mexican-Guatemalan director Julio Hernández Cordón, we are presented with an intertitle that says: “No precise date. Everything, absolutely everything is run by drug cartels. The population has declined due to the lack of women.” One can imagine that Hernández Cordón felt the need to make this introduction so that we become fully aware that his terrifying fantasy about Huck, the ten-year-old daughter of drug addict Rogelio, who protects her from criminals in a post-apocalyptic universe, is fully an exercise of fiction. The director of I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY and LAS MARIMBAS DEL INFIERNO uses this MAD MAX version of Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” to introduce us to the trampled journey of his beloved main character. Hernández Cordón is a tender omniscient narrator of the horror. He exposes a dystopian vision of a world of chaos and violence, while still searching for the lost innocence. It is a world that, although following the rules of science fiction, feels palpably human as if it were real. (Pedro Segura Bernal)

In the presence of Julio Hernández-Cordón.

  • Rogelio Sosa - (Rogelio)
  • Matilde Hernandez - (Huck)
  • Fabiana Hernandez
  • Julio Hernández Cordón
  • Nicolás Wong
  • Lenz Claure
  • Alberto Torres
  • Ivonne Fuentes
Woo Films, Burning Blue

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