Werkstattkino Muenchen


Hua Shan
HK 1975
92 min

Within the first four minutes, (a) a giant flying lizard attacks a school bus, (b) the Earth cracks open, (c) Hong Kong is destroyed by flames, (d) mountains disintegrate to reveal the forms of reptilian monsters with blinking yellow eyes, (e) the Professor announces that a twenty-million-year-old woman is unleashing the hibernating monsters upon civilization, (f) the Science Headquarters is shaken by a second quake, (g) the Mutants awake, and (h) the Professor, obviously shaken, informs a secret meeting of world leaders, «This situation is the worst that ever has been!» No doubt about it: This is a case for Infra Man. In his secret laboratory far beneath the Science Headquarters, the Professor explains to a brave volunteer: «We will wire your arms and legs with powerful transistors and death rays. You will be powered by a tiny nuclear reactor. Unfortunately, the operation will be very painful and you may die.» (Roger Ebert)

  • Danny Lee - Infra Man
  • Terry Liu - Prinzessin Dragon Mom
  • Wang Hsieh - Professor Chan
  • Yuan Man-tzu - Chans Tochter
  • Lam Man-wai - Chu Ming
  • I Kuang
  • Ho-Lan Shan
  • Chiang Hsing-lung
  • Chen Yung-Yu
  • Johnson Tsao
  • Tong Gai
Shaw Brothers Ltd.
35 mm
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