Men Lareida
CH 2005
86 min

Through archival footage and a number of interviews, Men Lareida brings a legendary Swiss figure in Formula One back to life. Dying in a race in 1971, aged thirty-five, and with over fifty thousand people attending his funeral in his home town of Fribourg, Jo Siffert is still considered one of the finest racing car drivers, despite the fact that he only ever won two Grand Prix. Full of nostalgia and affection, the film highlights the humanity and simplicity of a popular hero who came from humble origins and became a myth immortalised in the hearts of his fans. A life marked by speed, a desire to always be the fastest, precipitated his death. As the filmmaker underlines, this Epicurean young sportsman, gave «the impression of always doing what he wanted to, and only that of which he was capable».

  • Adriano Cimarosti
  • Jacques Deschenaux
  • Adélaide Siffert
  • Philippe Siffert
  • Véronique Siffert
  • Men Lareida
  • Reto Baumann
  • Pio Corradi
  • Hans Künzi
  • Markus Welter
  • Netz Maeschi
Hugofilm Productions Zypressenstraße 76 8004 Zürich, Schweiz T 44 240 40 77

Hugofilm Productions Zypressenstraße 768004 Zürich, Schweiz T 44 240 40 77

35 mm
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