Ulrich Seidl
AUT 2007
135 min

It's cold and gray. Wintertime. People are freezing. That's how it is here in Austria. That's how it is there in the Ukraine. In this atmosphere two stories take place that at first glance appear unrelated. One is an import story; it begins in the Ukraine and leads to Austria. The other is an export story; it begins in Austria and ends in the Ukraine. The first is about Olga, a young nurse and mother. Olga wants more from life. She wants to get out of the city, out of the country. She decides to go to Austria, which she does. In this foreign country in the West, she finds work and again loses it. She starts as a housekeeper and ends up as a cleaning lady in a geriatric hospital. The other story is about Paul, a young Austrian. He finally lands a job as a security guard but gets fired almost immediately. He finds himself back at the Employment Office. He has debts and borrows more money, from friends, strangers, and his stepfather, who takes him along on a job in the Ukraine to set up video gambling machines. Two individual fates, two opposite directions.

  • Maria Hofstätter - Mitzi Bucek
  • Georg Friedrich - Andreas
  • Ekateryna Rak - Olga
  • Paul Hofmann - Paul
  • Michael Thomas
  • Natalija Baranova
  • Natalia Epureanu
  • Petra Morzé
  • Ulrich Seidl
  • Veronika Franz
  • Ed Lachman
  • Wolfgang Thaler
  • Ekkehart Baumung
  • Christof Schertenleib
  • Renate Martin
  • Andreas Donhauser
Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion Wasserburgergasse 5/7, 1090 Wien T 1 310 28 24, mit Unterstützung von:

The Coproduction Office 24 rue Lamartine 75009 Paris, Frankreich T 1 56 02 60 00

Filmladen Mariahilferstraße 58/7, 1070 Wien T 1 523 43 62 0,
35 mm
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