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Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam

Paul Wegener
AUT 1920
72 min

Committed to the Expressionist style of the time, the congenial team around the directors Carl Boese and Paul Wegener created this masterpiece about a human-like, artificial being as a stereotyped parable about power and violence that has captivated viewers down to the present day. When the emperor orders the Jewish population of Prague to leave the city, Rabbi Löw, in keeping with mythological tradition, creates the Golem, a creature of clay, in order to protect his people. After the Golem has saved the Jews from expulsion, Löw renders him harmless, but his jealous assistant revives the colossus. Finally, a child, unaware of what she is doing, puts an end to the Golem’s destructive rampage. From both an artistic and financial point of view, this was one of the greatest hits of German silent cinema. (Armin Loacker)

Live music: Muscle Tomcat Machine (Manfred Engelmayr, David Reumüller und Bernd Heinrauch)

  • Paul Wegener
  • Albert Steinrück
  • Lyda Salmonova
  • Ernst Deutsch
  • Hans Stürm
  • Max Kronert
  • Otto Gebühr
  • Lothar Müthel
  • Henrik Galeen
  • Paul Wegener
  • based on the novel „Der Golem“ by Gustav Meyrink
  • Karl Freund
  • Martin J. Knoops
  • Guido Seeber (nicht genannt)
Universum Film AG, Berlin
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