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Theodor Herzl, der Bannerträger des jüdischen Volkes

The Wandering Jew
Otto Kreisler
AUT 1921
71 min

At the beginning, there is a symbolic striving (and search) for a state focused on the Jewish religion; all that is depicted through a seeker who is called upon to wait for a leader. That leader is to appear in the person of Theodor Herzl. From his childhood, he has experienced the repression of Jews, which has become an everyday occurrence. Later, as a successful lawyer, he becomes aware of his attachment to Judaism and devotes his life to it. An encounter with a bookseller whose fate is marked by oppression and escape becomes a lifechanging experience … “Images of enchanting magnificence. Theodor Herzl appears as a savior and with him we see the emergence of a new land, the soaring palaces of Zion, which, in Herzl’s view, should be the future of the Jewish people.” (“Neue Freie Presse”) (Filmarchiv Austria)

Live music: Rupert Huber

  • Rudolf Schildkraut
  • Ernest Bath
  • Joseph Schildkraut
  • Josef Schreiter
  • Rudolf Dietz
  • Else Osterheim
  • Gita Lenart-Vago
  • Axel Plessen
  • Josefa Gettke
  • Heinz Altringen
  • Eugen Preiß
  • Ludwig Donath - Franz Huber/Adolf Hitler
  • Heinrich Glücksmann
Helios-Film GmbH, Wien
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