Raúl Perrone
Argentinien 2014
80 min

Two brothers, a beautiful young girl, an army man, a witch and a man that could be her husband. These characters walk around the jungle, although occasionally the action takes place in an inhospitable house. Nothing will happen, except one scandalous thing: the young girl will be sold. A wild economy? An indirect wink about sexual slavery’s popularity in the marginal regions in Argentina?
The narrative minimalism and the few pronounced dialogues in an inexistent language have their counterpart in a remarkable formal maximalism: the jungle, rain and lightning’s sound are juxtaposed to a musical soundtrack that stimulate a way of hearing, close to an enchantment; the fades between human figures and the chosen ecosystem disrupt with the habitual proportions and the natural symmetries and forward that visible order to an oneiric and mythical universe, never seen before. (Roger Koza)

  • Lucia Ozan
  • Nix Noise
  • Aleli Sueldo
  • Sara Navarro
  • Sergio Boggio
  • Roberto Barandalla
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Hernán Soma
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Hernán Soma
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Jennifer Sankovic
Trivial Media, Les Envies que je te désire

Trivial Media

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