Rubén Gámez
Mexico 1965
47 min

Strange, semi-surrealist nightmares -- somehow related to Mexican realities -- form the matrix of this work. A corpse is carried on a flour truck, a boy knifes a cow, a couple kiss before a blood- bespattered wall, clerical students imitate the crucifixion. Perhaps the best scene is of a Mexican staring out silently toward the Mexican plateau; after a while, the camera pans away from him, to concentrate on the landscape. Stubbornly he re-enters the frame and assumes his former position, the camera pulls away again, and again he returns ... a perfect visual metaphor. Director Rubén Gámez occupies a place of honor in motion picture history. The fabulous medium-length <![CDATA[<i>]]>La Fórmula Secreta (The Secret Formula)<![CDATA[</i>]]>, is an irreverent treatment of national symbols and playful approach to formal experimentation. An irrational essay, unified only by the author's unique voice, full of surreal moments and provocative scenarios related to intellectual debates about the Mexican national character. Gámez relates the film to the supposed passivity of the Mexican people, for whom the film serves as a wake-up call.

Will be screened together with <filmlink id=\"2600\">Las hurdes/Terre sans pain</filmlink>, <filmlink id=\"2603\">L.B.J.</filmlink> und <filmlink id=\"2602\">Liberté et patrie</filmlink>.

  • José Castillo
  • Manuel Gaitán
  • Pilar Islas
  • Nico-Nito
  • Paloma
  • José Tirado
Salvador López
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