Special: Flesh and Blood

Exit … Nur keine Panik

Franz Novotny
AUT, BRD 1980
105 min

Summer lies heavy upon the outskirts of Vienna, not much is going on. Kirchhoff and Plachinger are mates, but as a matter of fact every man fights for himself – and for girls, money, dreams. They take what they want and they demolish what they despise. In this case the deus ex machina is boredom itself – the unknown forces she unleashes, cultivates, more: celebrates Novotny in his appreciatively snotty panorama of the suburbs, which shows life on the edge between aggression and vulnerability.

  • Paulus Manker
  • Eddie Constantine
  • Isolde Barth - Sängerin
  • Hanno Pöschl
  • Peter Weibel
  • Gustav Ernst
  • Franz Novotny
  • Alfio Contini
  • Eliška Stibrova
  • Otto M. Zykan
35 mm
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