Special: Flesh and Blood

Frau Dorothys Bekenntnis

Mihály Kertész
AUT 1921
61 min

Murder in a suburban hotel: suspect is the British upper-class-woman Dorothy who’s accused of murdering her husband – a fraud who gained wealth with shoddy tricks. Dorothy’s memories unveil piece by piece the prelude to this act of desperation. A fatalistic silent movie-melodrama directed by Michael Kertesz (Curtis) who later gained fame for CASABLANCA. Restored by Filmarchiv Austria.

Supporting film: OUTER SPACE 1999, Peter Tscherkassky, 12 Min

In the presence of Peter Tscherkassky

  • Lucy Doraine
  • Alfons Fryland
  • Otto Tressler
  • Kurt von Lessen
  • Michael Kertész
  • Gustav Ucicky
  • Nikolaus Farkas
  • Eduard von Borsody
35 mm
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