Special: Flesh and Blood

Die Erben

Walter Bannert
Austria 1983
97 min

Kept under lock for a long time, now presented in a unique screening. Like hardly any other work DIE ERBEN delivers an unadorned, at times crass depicted interior view of a Neo-Nazi organization. Instead of simple explanatory models the movie underlines the terrifying randomness with which two completely different young people slid into criminal activities in need of more meaningfulness and feeling of community than in the daily struggle of society. As throughout Europe rightwing-populist-powers gain more and more influence, Bannert’s movie is still up to date and more than uncomfortable.

  • Nikolas Vogel
  • Roger Schauer
  • Wolfgang Gasser
  • Anneliese Stöckl-Eberhard
  • Jaromír Borek
  • Walter Bannert
  • Erich A. Richter
  • Hanus Polak
  • Ekkehard Baumung
  • Walter Bannert
Bannert Film
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