Special: Flesh and Blood


Harald Röbbeling
AUT 1951
85 min

The fate of five minors amidst post-war ruins, retrieved from police reports. Three naïve girls, whose unconcerned carelessness slides them into evil ways. Two lost boys found guilty of theft and manslaughter. Designed as rapidly improvised colportage about teenagers, packed with atmosphere and figures of the milieu. Appealing through its classical contradiction between an urging narrative against moral decay and lurking debauchment on the one hand and a lustful energy packed testament of unbound lust for life on the other hand.

  • Hannerl Matz
  • Heinzi Farda
  • Elfriede Garden
  • Kurt Vittek
  • Monika Sigmund
  • Anni Korin
  • Maria Eis
  • Harald Röbbeling
  • Walter Partsch
  • Roly Kovac
35 mm
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