Special: Flesh and Blood

Die Wölfin vom Teufelsmoor / Tod im November

Helmut Pfandler
AUT 1978
85 min

Nearby the fields of a small village in Lower Austria a factory is going to be built but the engineer entrusted with land surveying stirs up a hornet’s nest full hatred and occult practices, fascinated and yet horrified how those practices seem to be effective. … A clash of progress and superstition, romanticism and didactics in this eccentric heimat-horror-movie based on a story by Helmut Pfandler’s father Josef. In the title role as druidess the cat-like Florinda Bolkan.

  • Florinda Bolkan - Flora
  • John Phillip Law
  • Siegfried Wischnewski
  • Claudia Rieschel
  • Guido Wieland
  • Helmut Pfandler
  • Karl-Heinz Willschrei
  • Hanns Matula
  • Gerhard Heinz
35 mm
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