Special: Flesh and Blood

Rat Race

Valentin Hitz
AUT 1998
60 min

Vienna in the near future depicted as a socially marauding Moloch, where dealing with drugs and organs cannot be stopped by any law. Gambler Kater is making a living by dealing with brains and memories. But: Are memories and the personality of a person interchangeable? When his ex-girlfriend Maria is in danger of becoming a commodity herself, this question gains new significance for Kater.

Supporting Film: THE SHAMAN 2015, Marco Kalantari, 18 Min

  • Haymon Maria Buttinger
  • Proschat Madani
  • Roman Kaminski
  • Valentin Hitz
  • Martin Gschlacht
  • Torsten Heinemann
  • Heinz Ditsch
  • Bruno Pisek
  • Heinz Holzmann

Valentin Hitz

35 mm
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