Special: Flesh and Blood

Abenteuer in Wien

Emile Edwin Reinert
AUT 1952
89 min

Toni, taxi driver, lost everything in war. Karin, wife of a rich despot, incapacitated. John Milton, American, childhood friend of Karin, dead on the backseat of Toni’s taxi, murdered by Karin’s husband. And the passport of the dead, which Toni takes. A typically “hitchcockian” constellation in which this American coproduced thriller is set. Only many years later in the movies of Eddy Saller and Frits Fronz you’ll find so much nocturn genre-film-existentialism.

  • Gustav Fröhlich
  • Cornell Borchers
  • Franz Lederer
  • Egon von Jordan
  • Inge Konradi
  • Karl Farkas
  • Michael Kehlmann
  • Franz Tassié based on the novel «Ich war Jack Mortimer» by Alexander Lernet-Holenia
  • Helmuth Ashley
  • Robert Hofer
  • Henny Brünsch
  • Richard Hagemann
35 mm
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