Special: Flesh and Blood

Zerschossene Träume

L' Appat
Peter Patzak
AUT, BRD, FRA 1976
99 min

A prospective police officer finds himself entangled in a web of stifling dependencies. On the one hand he is object of sexual desire for a gay night club owner and on the other hand he gets suppressed by a nymphomaniac businesswoman, who is cold as ice. Restraining his own wishes and needs for too long it all leads to an explosive point of culmination. Patzak’s movie is a seething and glaring social study, a powder keg full glowing desire, shy yearning and reckless excess.

  • Yves Beneyton - Yves/Oreste
  • Christine Böhm
  • Carroll Baker - Deborah Wright
  • Raymond Pellegrin
  • Mathieu Carrière
  • Hans Christian Blech
  • Karl Michael Vogler
  • André Heller
  • Peter Patzak
  • Heinz Hölscher
  • Wolfgang Schacht
  • Richard Schönherz
  • Manuel Rigoni
  • André Heller (Lieder)
35 mm
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