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Jenseits der Hügel
Cristian Mungiu
RO, FRA, B 2012
150 min

In 2005 I read this piece of news about a girl visiting a friend of hers in a small remote Moldavian monastery and ending up by dying there a few weeks later after what the press called “an exorcism”. Tatiana Niculescu Bran was a journalist at that time who investigated the events over the next few years, finally publishing two books about the incident relating what happened in 2005 and at the trial that followed. However, from a filmic point of view, the story seemed too sensational, too melodramatic and too mainstream. I started seeing the possibility of telling a story from that starting point as soon as I was ready to leave the original story behind. My final screenplay is not about what happened in that monastery; it’s not about that priest and about those nuns. It’s fictional and I made a point of moving as far from the original story as I could. (Cristian Mungiu)

In the presence of Christina Flutur und Cosmina Stratan.

  • Cosmina Stratan - Voichi ̧ta
  • Cristina Flutur - Alina
  • Valeriu Andriu ̧ta ̆ - Priester
  • Dana Tapalaga ̆ - Oberin
  • Cristian Mungiu nach den Sachbüchern von Tatiana Niculescu Bran
  • Oleg Mutu
  • Cristian Tarnove ̧tchi
  • Mircea Olteanu
  • Mihaela Poenaru
  • Ca ̆lin Papura ̆
Mobra Films, Why Not Productions, Les Films du fleuve, France 3 Cinéma, Mandragora Movies

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