Ai de ti shen

All Apologies
Emily Tang
China 2012
88 min

His story takes place in a small village in Guangxi where two couples live as peaceful neighbors: But suddenly an accident brings disaster to both families, and a child is dead. Having snuck onto a neighbor’s truck, the child does not survive an accident the truck is subsequently involved in. But the neighbor does. Emily tang’s ALL APOLOGIES is about a family who loses their beloved child and their neighbors who become the unwitting perpetrators of their descent into tragedy. But the form of this tragedy goes beyond our expectations and logic. The disintegration begins with a kind of deal between the man that has lost his only son and the woman who feels indebted to him for taking the child away. Tang paints a clear picture of how the fallout of an unimaginable accident nurtures and grows into the most unacceptable of outrages. The struggle by the filmmaker not to pass judgment on the gruesome choices these characters make is almost desperate. The film’s perspective on the reality that this chinese family finds itself in is full of sorrow. (Kang Sowon)


  • Cheng Taishen
  • Yang Shuting
  • Liang Jing
  • Gao Jin
  • Han Jie
  • Emily Tang
  • Dong Fang
  • Lai Yiu-fai
  • Dong Xu
  • Chow Keung
  • Baek Seung-hoon
  • Roger Lin
  • William Kwok
  • Zhang Jing
Sunny Sky Culture & Media Investment, Beijing Xinghe Mingliang Media Investment

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