Death Row II (Teil 1+2)

Werner Herzog
USA 2013
110 min

Werner Herzog continues his series on the men and women who can expect nothing more from life than death. Herzog unhurriedly lets the prisoners express their views on life and death. With his profound insight into these people, their stories and their crimes, Herzog’s journey into the human soul also becomes a plea for humanity and understanding. Blaine Milam, the youngest death row inmate in Texas, and his girlfriend, Jessica Carson, have been sentenced for the murder of their 13- month-old daughter during an exorcism; they believed she was possessed by the devil. “Blaine”, writes Herzog about his first case, “wanted to perform an exorcism. ... If there is a devil, it’s him.”

  • Werner Herzog
  • Dave Roberson
  • Steve Osmon
  • Marco Capalbo
Creative Differences, Skellig Rock, Werner Herzog Filmproduktion

ZDF Enterprises

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