El color que cayó del cielo

The Color Out of Space
Sergio Wolf
Argentinien 2014
76 min

Starting at Campo del Cielo and travelling to Pittsburgh and Tucson in the US, Sergio Wolf chases down meteor hunters. EL COLOR QUE CAYÓ DEL CIELO is a detective story, an obsession story. The treasure hunters in Wolf ’s film also have their Holy Grail or Arch of the Alliance, which in this case is the “Mesón de Fierro”, the huge meteor discovered by the Spanish in the late 16th century, and considered to be missing two centuries later. History hides mysteries, mere legends perhaps, which only a few people affected by this peculiar gold fever dare to challenge, and even unearth. Ada Falcón was, indeed, alive in a convent. Since this is Sergio Wolf, no one would be surprised if at the end of his film he’s able to pull the “Mesón de Fierro” itself out of his top hat. But he has different goals: one can suspect he doesn’t care as much about meteors as he does about those obsessive searchers, so protective of their secrets.

In the presence of Sergio Wolf.

  • Sergio Wolf
  • Guido De Paula
  • Fernando Lockett
  • Martin Grignaschi
  • Alejandro Carrillo Penovi
  • Gabriel Chwojnik
  • William Cassidy
  • Robert Haag
  • Juan Carlos Martínez
  • Mario Vesconi
  • Ted Bunch
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