Timothy Carey
USA 1972
7 min

Cinema Justice, produced in the height of the Vietnam War, is an appropriated outtake of the short film Tarzana by Steve DeJarnatt. Carey was allowed to keep the scene he \"stole\", added his own poignant title and without further ado created yet another conceptual film. While portraying Tarzana's pretext Korean war-veteran he inserted a rarely filmed \"stream of consciousness language\" in this scene-cum-film.
This ornate stand-up poetry which Cinema Justice allowed for, combined with Carey's trademark physical performance, outlines his position as an auteur amongst actors; one with a solid world view - and a genuine concern for the fellow man.
(Vassily Bourikas)

This film is screened together with Making Sinner.

  • Timothy Carey - Ulysses
Timothy Carey

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35 mm
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