Carta 31, Viena

Letter 31 Vienna
Vera Czemerinski
Argentinien, AUT 2018
16 min

The “clip-clop, clip-clop” of horse hooves on asphalt is a sound often heard in Vienna and an oneiric hypnotizer. Listening to it Vera Czemerinski wakes up decadent ghosts living in the Austrian capital. The film, a part of a series called “Los viajes de Isabella”, is constructed as a letter written by a woman called Isabella. Somewhere between a vulnerable waltz and a surreal labyrinth appears the idea that fiction and desires sometimes tell more about places and people than austere observations. (Patrick Holzapfel)

In the presence of Vera Czemerinski

Carta 31, Viena - Trailer from Vera Czemerinski on Vimeo.

  • Bobby Sommer - Johann
  • Vera Czemerinski - Isabella's Voice
  • Vera Czemerinski
  • Robert Newald
  • José Luis Díaz
  • Javier Luna Deretich
Los viajes de Isabella

Vera Czemerinski

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