Zach Weintraub
USA 2010
81 min

Bummer Summer is a production made and distributed, so far, without the help or interference of any big names or corresponding wallets. As the film’s main characters, 17-year-old Isaac, his brother Ben and Ben’s girlfriend Lila, drive between their friends’ houses in search of the world’s largest hedge maze, dialogue is improvised and sparse, peaking during brief emotional episodes. Weintraub’s film was shot on the Canon EOS 5D, a camera usually used for photography. DP Nandan Rao had some very specific ideas about how he wanted Bummer Summer to look. The camera spends most of its time staring the protagonists in the face – sometimes frankly, sometimes nonchalantly. But the most interesting shots reveal the effortlessly epic backgrounds of Washington, Weintraub’s home state: grassy expanses, classic childhood rope swings and playgrounds, cliffs hurtling into the sea. (Elina Mishuris)

  • Mackinley Robinson - Isaac
  • Julia McAlee - Lila
  • Zach Weintraub - Ben
  • Maya Wood - Maya
  • Alex Rivera - Mark
  • Elna Baker - Elna
  • Zach Weintraub
  • Nandan Rao
  • Luc Heuer
  • Dustin Wickham
  • Jesse Fisher
  • Ian Weintraub
Newhard Entertainment

Zach Weintraub

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