Just Shoot Me
Cláudia Nunes
Brasilien 2011
67 min

Where? The streets of Goiâna in Brazil. Who? A cluster of those real, homeless kids who hauntingly overpopulate Brazilian cities. How? “Film me, that’s all”, “Film here!” and the camera passes from hand to hand, and the filmed once become in their turn cameramen, sound engineers and interviewers. When? Shot initially over a period of two years twenty years ago, Cláudia Nunes has revisited this material from which she first made a short film; then after having found and re-filmed some of the characters, she edited everything together. Without thought for the chronology, but reflecting this permanent present where all these faces and their words seem to live; from this fragmented mosaic emerges a collective portrait, an epic trajectory where each one, a hero, has his part. An archive of a youth filmed without dramatization, without either cuteness or miserabilism, in a film in black and white that presents itself as homage to vitality and energy. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

  • Emanoel Mastrella
  • Leandro Marques
  • Erico Rassi
  • Cláudia Nunes
  • Dênio de Paula
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Rio Bravo Filmes

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