Image of movie Trenque Lauquen - Teil 2
Image of movie Trenque Lauquen - Teil 2
Image of movie Trenque Lauquen - Teil 2

Trenque Lauquen - Teil 2

Laura Citarella
Argentina, Germany 2022
132 min

Part II continues our heroine Laura’s impassioned quest to uncover the disappearance of a talented young biologist from the small provincial city of Trenque Laquen after her passionate affair with a married man. At the heart of Citarella’s multi-textured and often playfully baroque story lies the ironic parallelism between the mysterious female scientist and Laura’s own life: a movement defined as female emancipation that broadens from an act of sexual and professional liberation to a more existential search for a woman’s definitive place in the world.
Like a Borgesian library, the film’s story keeps producing new ones, and we follow Laura as she burrows ever further into the rabbit hole – jumping from one woman biologist to another and from the tumultuous past to the mystifying present. Gorgeously conceived and played by Laura Paredes, who co-wrote the screenplay with Citarella, Laura is a woman whose quest is so all-encompassing she appears to lose the one thing that she is searching for in the process: herself. Hauntingly, Citarella and editors Miguel de Zuviria and filmmaker Alejo Moguillansky allow the viewer to become enmeshed in the ins-and-outs and mounting surrealism of Laura’s investigation only to then catch us off-guard. (Ela Bittencourt)

In the presence of Laura Citarella.


Laura Citarella: CANCIÓN PARA ANA (2002, K), HISTORIAS BREVES 5 (2009), OSTENDE (2011), LA MUJER DE LOS PERROS (2015), BITÁCORAS (2021, TV-Miniserie)

  • Juliana Muras
  • Elisa Carricajo
  • Verónica Llinás
  • Laura Citarella
  • Laura Paredes
  • Agustín Mendilaharzu
  • Ines Duacastella
  • Yarará Rodriguez
  • Marcos Canosa
  • Miguel de Zuviria
  • Alejo Moguillansky
  • Gabriel Chwojnik
  • Laura Caligiuri
El Pampero Cine, Grandfilm


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