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Viennale 2017 - A festival edition by and for Hans Hurch

Following the death of our director of many years, Hans Hurch, the Viennale board of trustees has entrusted Franz Schwartz, the former director of Vienna’s Stadtkino, with the interim artistic direction of the Viennale.

Franz Schwartz has already started work and will remain in charge until the appointment of a new permanent director at the beginning of next year.

“Tragically, the Viennale 2017 is Hans Hurch’s last. Working together, the experienced team of the Viennale and I will make sure that it will be a festival that does justice to Hans Hurch’s concept and work of the past 20 years.” (Franz Schwartz)

“In Franz Schwartz we have secured the support of a wonderful figure as the interim artistic director of the Viennale. He and Hans Hurch were close friends, and Hurch thought highly of him with regard to his work and integrity. Together, we intend to stage a festival in the spirit of Hans Hurch.” (Eva Rotter, managing director of the Viennale)