Image of movie A Quiet Passion
Image of movie A Quiet Passion
Image of movie A Quiet Passion
Image of movie A Quiet Passion

A Quiet Passion

Terence Davies
Großbritannien, Belgien 2016
124 min

Enge und Weite prägen A QUIET PASSION wie Atemzüge; ein An- und Abschwellen auch der Auseinandersetzungen, denn immer wieder hat die Protagonistin sich zu verteidigen – ihren privaten Raum, ihre Moral, ihren Seelenfrieden, ihre Lyrik – gegen die Zudringlichkeiten der Wohlmeinenden. Eine meisterliche Künstlerbiografie, gänzlich konzentriert auf den schaffenden Charakter einer Schreibenden: die Dichterin Emily Dickinson (1830-86), von Cynthia Nixon mit unversöhnlicher Präzision und immer wieder aufbrausender Schärfe zum Leben erweckt. Eine kühle Distanz herrscht in diesem Film, und ein loderndes Feuer, eine tiefe Leidenschaft in großer Stille. (Alexandra Seitz)

Despite the remarkable consistency in Davies’ filmography, he has actually assayed a number of genres, from personal essay and experimental cinema to meticulously appointed chamber dramas. With A QUIET PASSION, Davies delivered his first biopic, and as one might expect, he upends the expectations that accompany the historical biography. A portrait of Emily Dickinson, the film toes the line between fact and speculation, using the poet’s words to envision the literary radical who would have composed them. Davies’ Dickinson is a woman of fitful contradiction: devout but skeptical of official dogma, demure but self-possessed, wry and sharp-witted even as she contemplates mortality’s inexorable pull. Anchored by Nixon’s subtle yet commanding central performance, it is in many respects a film only Davies could have made. Drawing from the solemn yet transportive mode of his earliest works, Davies exacts a formal reversal of sorts. Instead of generating narrative meaning through associative reverie, here the filmmaker builds out from Dickinson’s work, producing a biography through poetic inference. A QUIET PASSION allows its central relationships – particularly Emily’s friendships with sister Livinia and Vryling Buffum – to emerge from otherwise isolated moments of camaraderie and joy. (Michael Sicinski)

  • Cynthia Nixon - Emily Dickinson
  • Emma Bell - young Emily Dickinson
  • Jennifer Ehle - Liviana "Vinnie" Dickinson
  • Rose Williams - young Vinnie Dickinson
  • Keith Carradine - Mr. Dickinson
  • Duncan Duff - Austin Dickinson
  • Jodhi May - Susan Dickinson
  • Catherine Bailey - Ms. Vryling Buffam
  • Joanna Bacon - Mrs. Dickinson
  • Terence Davies
  • Florian Hoffmeister
  • Pia Di Ciaula
  • Merjin Sep
  • Catherine Marchand
Hurricane Films, Potemkino, DDI, Gibson & MacLeod, WeatherVane Prod., Screen Flanders, Scope Pictures, Indomitable Entertainment, Double Dutch International

Double Dutch International

Double Dutch International
Studio Hamburg
Fr. 29 Okt
Metro, Historischer Saal
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