Image of movie A Quiet Passion
Image of movie A Quiet Passion
Image of movie A Quiet Passion
Image of movie A Quiet Passion

A Quiet Passion

Terence Davies
United Kingdom, Belgium 2016
124 min

Despite the remarkable consistency in Davies’ filmography, he has actually assayed a number of genres, from personal essay and experimental cinema to meticulously appointed chamber dramas. With A QUIET PASSION, Davies delivered his first biopic, and as one might expect, he upends the expectations that accompany the historical biography. A portrait of Emily Dickinson, the film toes the line between fact and speculation, using the poet’s words to envision the literary radical who would have composed them. Davies’ Dickinson is a woman of fitful contradiction: devout but skeptical of official dogma, demure but self-possessed, wry and sharp-witted even as she contemplates mortality’s inexorable pull. Anchored by Nixon’s subtle yet commanding central performance, it is in many respects a film only Davies could have made. Drawing from the solemn yet transportive mode of his earliest works, Davies exacts a formal reversal of sorts. Instead of generating narrative meaning through associative reverie, here the filmmaker builds out from Dickinson’s work, producing a biography through poetic inference. A QUIET PASSION allows its central relationships – particularly Emily’s friendships with sister Livinia and Vryling Buffum – to emerge from otherwise isolated moments of camaraderie and joy. (Michael Sicinski)

  • Cynthia Nixon - Emily Dickinson
  • Emma Bell - young Emily Dickinson
  • Jennifer Ehle - Liviana "Vinnie" Dickinson
  • Rose Williams - young Vinnie Dickinson
  • Keith Carradine - Mr. Dickinson
  • Duncan Duff - Austin Dickinson
  • Jodhi May - Susan Dickinson
  • Catherine Bailey - Ms. Vryling Buffam
  • Joanna Bacon - Mrs. Dickinson
  • Terence Davies
  • Florian Hoffmeister
  • Pia Di Ciaula
  • Merjin Sep
  • Catherine Marchand
Hurricane Films, Potemkino, DDI, Gibson & MacLeod, WeatherVane Prod., Screen Flanders, Scope Pictures, Indomitable Entertainment, Double Dutch International

Double Dutch International

Double Dutch International
Studio Hamburg
Fri 29 Oct
Metro, Historischer Saal
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