Kinematografie Peter Brook

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Peter Brook
GB 1979, 2016

Im Mittelpunkt dieses Films steht der griechisch-armenische Mystiker Georgi I. Gurdjief (1866–1949). Entlang seiner Autobiografie folgt Peter Brook dem jungen Mann auf Reisen in den Nahen Osten und nach Asien, wo dieser „bemerkenswerte Menschen“ traf. Und sich beispielsweise mit der Spiritualität des Sufismus und der Derwische auseinandersetzte, die die Grundlage seiner späteren – bis heute wild umstrittenen – esoterischen Lehren bildete. Das Drehbuch schrieb Brook gemeinsam mit der fast 90- jährigen Jeanne de Salzmann, die lange Zeit Gurdjiefs Schülerin gewesen war, und drehte unter anderem in Afghanistan kurz vor der Invasion durch die Sowjetarmee. (Andreas Ungerböck) 

Update 22.10.: Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen wird Peter Brook beim Screening nicht anwesend sein.


Based on the autobiographically-tinged work by G. I. Gurdjief, this film is at once a biopic, travelogue, coming-of-age story, and sub- sequent quest for meaning undertaken by an unorthodox Armenian boy born near the Georgian-Turkish border, a place where the rich currents of Eastern wisdom and religion flow together. After seeking ancient knowledge in the East, Gurdjief reappeared in Moscow in 1912 bringing new teachings with him. He moved to France in the 1920s, attracting numerous members of the European and American intelligentsia, including writers, artists, musicians, scientists, critics, and those from the cultureal avant-garde, and founded an “Institute for the Harmonic Development of Man” near Paris. This account of a profound spiritual quest before the breathless backdrop of Afghan scenery has awe-inspiring episodes to spare, but also contains dazzling scenes of humorous ingenuity which would equally be at home in an adventure movie. “In making MEETINGS,” stated Brook, “I had the immense pleasure and responsibility of doing something essential”. His commitment to this film is such that he remastered it some 40 years later, around his 90th birthday, ending up with a quintessential version 20 minutes shorter which he now presents at the Viennale. (Victoria Slavuski)



  • Dragan Maksimovic - G.I. Gurdjief
  • Terence Stamp - Prince Lubovedsky
  • Mikica Dimitrijevic - junge Gurdjief
  • Peter Brook
  • G.I. Gurdjief
  • Jeanne Salzmann
  • Gilbert Taylor
  • John Jympson
  • Laurence Rosenthal
  • Georges Wakhévitch
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