The Favourite

The Favourite - Intrigen und Irrsinn
Yorgos Lanthimos
GBR, IRL, USA 2018
120 min

England, frühes 18. Jahrhundert, befindet sich im Krieg mit Frankreich; dennoch ist es eine Geschichte, deren Schauplätze kaum den Hof Queen Annes verlassen. Obgleich der Kostüme und der Opulenz an allen Ecken kein Ende, Schinken ist das hier gewiss keiner. Wenn Lady Sarah sich der Gunst der launischen Königin auch völlig sicher ist, so hat sie die Rechnung doch ohne ihre Cousine Abigail gemacht. Denn die neue Dienstmagd verfolgt ihre ganz eigene Agenda. Das Trio aus Colman, Weisz und Stone, eine grandioser als die andere, darf so derbe, roh und erfrischend zu Werke gehen wie selten zuvor. In diesem Sinne: „Sometimes a lady likes to have some fun!“ (Tobias Greslehner)



“So, did you come to rape me?”, she inquires, watching him closely. “But I’m a gentleman” is his defensive reply. “Yes. Exactly.” This exchange between would-be-lovers at the English court in early 18th century explains, in a nutshell, the no-nonsense allure of THE FAVOURITE: It is a diorama of fierce women, their plots and pragmatisms, women who have been raped and trashed and betrayed, who have lost children and husbands and lovers, and came back scarred and more fearless than ever. Olivia Colman as Queen Anne cares more for her litter of bunny rabbits with the names of dead babies than for the demands of political leaders that differ so much from her own. As her advisor she has Sarah, offering tough love and choking in disbelief when her companionship is no longer in demand. Because, as an unexpectedly ferocious player, Emma Stone as wide-eyed Abigail Masham arrives at court, the impoverished cousin who fights with teeth and charms to win back her agency in life, a beguiling mix of sweetness and ruthlessness born out of trauma. THE FAVOURITE is remarkably to the point of the tastes and worries of 2018: The punk energy of these women, their cynicism, obscenities and insecurities are both highly entertaining and reflective of life among carnivores, in court as in present day life. (Magdalena Miedl) 

  • Olivia Colman - Queen Anne
  • Emma Stone - Abigail Masham
  • Rachel Weisz - Sarah Churchill
  • Nicholas Hoult - Robert Harley
  • Joe Alwyn - Samuel Masham
  • Deborah Davis
  • Tony McNamara
  • Robbie Ryan
  • Johnnie Burn
  • Yorgos Mavropsaridis
  • Fiona Crombie
  • Sandy Powell
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