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Filmmaker's Portrait: MARTIN SHANLY

22 Okt 2023

Filmmaker's Portrait: MARTIN SHANLY

"Ein kurzes Q&A für ein Portrait" - das war unsere Bitte an Filmemacher:innen der diesjährigen Viennale, und ihre Antworten sind großartig. Hier MARTIN SHANLY, Regisseur von ARTURO A LOS 30:

1. Why did you want to make this film / tell specifically this story? 
I guess I needed to exorcise things that brought me shame  

2. What was the biggest difficulty you encountered in the making of your film, and how did you overcome it? 
Securing financing for this film was tough. We filmed it in separate phases through the years as funding became available. Just as we were about to begin the final chunk, the pandemic hit, forcing us to wait more than a whole  year to shoot it. This was demoralizing in many ways, but in hindsight, it allowed me to dedicate a lot of thought to the script, and I even ended up incorporating COVID in the film. 

3. What would you like / hope for the audience to take away from your film?   
I’m always relieved when people laugh.

4. Which film has disturbed you most, and why? 
I’m generally disturbed by films I don’t like very much. I am also a huge coward when it comes to horror films, so I guess those.  

5. What do you like to do to be creatively inspired? 
I like to watch films and figure out what to steal from them. 

6. What, in your view, is the “purpose” of cinema?  
Beats me!


Image of movie Arturo a los 30

Martín Shanly | Argentinien 2023 | 91 min | OmeU

Screenings am:
Donnerstag, 26. Oktober, 2023: 18.30 Uhr - Urania
Freitag, 27. Oktober, 2023: 13.30 Uhr - Metro, Historischer Saal