Image of movie Arturo a los 30
Image of movie Arturo a los 30
Image of movie Arturo a los 30

Arturo a los 30

About Thirty
Martín Shanly
Argentinien 2023
91 min

Arturo ist Mitte 30 und könnte auf den ersten Blick als typischer Vertreter einer Generation gelten, die ihre Jugend reichlich überstrapaziert: Er lebt wieder bei den Eltern, hat keinen Job, keinen Erfolg und keinen Plan. Aber der argentinische Regisseur und Hauptdarsteller Martín Shanly hat mehr im Sinn als nur einen sanft ironischen Film über das missglückte Erwachsenwerden. Der Weg zu einer Hochzeitsparty bietet Raum für Rückblenden, die schnell verdeutlichen, dass Arturo in seiner ungeschickten Art durchaus Anteil nimmt am Schicksal seiner Familie und Freund:innen, deren Handeln jedoch von Egozentrik und Eigennutz geprägt ist. Charakterisiert unsere Gesellschaft ganz trefend. (Lars Penning)

In Anwesenheit von Martín Shanly.

“There’s no time for a man to recover his hair that grows bald by nature,” says Dromio to his master Antipholus in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. It is perhaps one of the play’s weirdest lines of dialogue. And yet time does indeed keep moving forward (and hair keeps falling out). Martín Shanly’s second feature ARTURO A LOS 30 examines this very idea. Suspended in the latter part of our beloved March of 2020, the titular Arturo tells the tale of the worst day in his life, the date of the wedding of a former friend that took place a few weeks prior. As the story moves forward, memory moves backward: every time a danger arrives (the first of which a car crash), Arturo digresses into another memory (the past). If we think these will be merry recollections, we are wrong. The past is not necessarily better, but it is at least further away. Arturo traverses this beautiful, bittersweet comedy like an upper-middle-class Buster Keaton, clumsily going through life creating nothing but mild wreckages. Slowly we understand that disasters are mostly from afar and that there is an undeclared diference between millennial alienation and actual trauma, a diference that is the source of all the film’s sorrow and all of our chuckles. It also reminds us that perhaps the worst is now behind us. (Lucía Salas)

In the presence of Martín Shanly.

Martín Shanly: JUANA A LOS 12 (2014)

  • Martín Shanly
  • Camila Dougall
  • Julia Azcurra
  • Ivo Colonna Olsen
  • Paul Grinszpan
  • Paul Dougall
  • Esmeralds Escalante
  • María Soldi
  • Miel Bargman
  • Javier Abril Rotger
  • Ezequiel Diaz
  • Constanza Dougall
  • Carolina Dougall
  • Franco Bacciani
  • Martín Shanly
  • Federico Lastra
  • Nahuel Palenque
  • Ana Godoy
  • Manque La Banca
  • Maximiliano Mammarella
  • Clara Miani
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