Karpo Aćimović Godina

Godina Karpo Aćimović

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Karpo Godina was born in Skopje in 1943.  His first long feature film (as a director) was THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA followed by RED BOOGIE, feature film (1982) and ARTIFICIAL PARADISE, feature film (1990). These three movies were presented on almost all major film festivals world-wide: Cannes, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sidney, Melbourne, Toronto, Edinburgh, Istanbul, San Francisco, Rotterdam, Strasbourg and many others. As a director of photography he did 21 long feature films, 26 short films, 12 TV dramas. As an editor he edited five  long feature films, 16 short films, 11 TV dramas and seven  8mm experimental  films. He got more than 40 most important national and international awards. At the moment he is just about to start the shooting of his new feature movie.

Films (selection): SUN, UNIVERSAL SUN (1967,K), THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA (1980), OKTOLOG  (2012), ULOGA MOJE PORODICE U SVETSKOJ revoluciji (1971), SLOBODA ILI STRIP-KAPITAL (1971), DRAGA MOJA IZA (1978), RADIO.DOC (1995).