Special: Napoli, Napoli

Vito e gli altri

Vito and the Others
Antonio Capuano
I 1991
83 min

VITO E GLI ALTRI tells the story of Vito, a twelve-year-old boy. In the opening scene, Vito’s father, presumably suffering from some kind of breakdown, shooting his wife and his other son, sparing Vito only at the last minute. Vito is entrusted to his neglectful aunt and uncle and thus begins his criminal career on the streets. Director Antonio Capuano composes harsh, fragmentary episodes of ordinary violence in Naples, depicting kids, that are estranged from their parents and left on their own. A gloomy chronicle of daily life, a truly groundbreaking film.

In presence of Antonio Capuano.

  • Nando Triola - Vito
  • Giovanni Bruno - Gaetano
  • Pina Leone - Miriam
  • Mario Leuti - Aniello
  • Antonio Capuano
  • Antonio Baldoni
  • Valentina Migliaccio
  • Mario Del Gaudio
Società cooperativa Dioniso a.r.l.
Istituto Luce Cinecittà
35 mm
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