Special: Napoli, Napoli

Tornando a casa

Sailing Home
Vincenzo Marra
I 2001
88 min

A crew of fisherman struggle to survive under difficult circumstances in this drama which harkens back to the neorealist movement. Having fallen on hard times, a group of Neapolitan fishermen risk their careers by searching for catch in the waters of North Africa, not far from Sicily. While the crew brings in a respectable amount of fish, it isn’t long before other fisherman learn of their actions, and their license to work the local waters is revoked. With nowhere else to turn, the fishermen head back to North African waters, but one member of the crew who recently lost his wife, displays a sad resignation that could endanger the others on board.
“Photographer Vincenzo Marra’s directorial debut is a brooding, naturalistic tale, following a group of fishermen who risk their lives fishing illegally in the strait dividing Sicily from North Africa. The crew converse in gruff Neapolitan dialect, the dialogue is often philosophical – ‘This boat is your jail and your home’ – yet it’s the long, speechless shots which seem most contemplative. The plot’s tragic twist jars the pacing, but there’s real tension on and off board and a correctively sympathetic perspective on immigration.” (Time Out)

In presence of Vincenzo Marra.

  • Aniello Scotto D’Antuono - Franco Aniello
  • Salvatore Iaccarino - Sasà
  • Giovanni Iaccarino - Giovanni
  • Azouz Abdelaziz - Samir
  • Vincenzo Marra
  • Ramiro Civita
  • Luca Benedetti
  • Andrea Guerra
  • Roberto De Angelis
  • Maria A. Cannarozzi
Classic Srl
Classic Srl
35 mm
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